Buying or Leasing During COVID-19

Buying or Leasing a Car During COVID-19

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that many of you are impacted during this time of uncertainty. As you manage taking care of your family and work during this crisis, we know your vehicle plays a key role.
We are here for you. As of today, we have completely shifted our conventional business practices to better accommodate you. You will find our new appointment based sales program to be easy and efficient, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions you may have. We now have the ability to construct your entire deal online or over the phone with management. We have dedicated a specific area of our dealership for you to sign any necessary paperwork and take delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle, or we may deliver it directly to your home if you prefer. In addition to our remote sales process, our service and parts facilities are open Monday through Saturday for your convenience. We have adopted recommendations and best practices by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to ensure your health and well-being are never compromised. The safety and well being of our employees and customers is always our highest priority. To the end, we have directed those with the ability to work remotely to do so until further notice. These actions are being implemented out of an abundance of caution to help the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

Pine Belt Nissan of Keyport During COVID-19

Pine Belt Nissan is here to ensure our customers have the support they need to respond to the challenges of the Coronavirus. We understand in these different times the stress one may endure having to deal with everyday life. We are also fully aware that car buying may not be on the top of one’s priority list at this time. However, we have adopted a safe and efficient way to buy or lease your next vehicle during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Right now, Pine Belt Nissan is working off an appointment-based selling program. If you are interested in a vehicle, you will be working with the General Sales Manager direct. Our management team is fully prepared to do the complete deal over the phone, text or email. Once you have decided to move forward with the transaction, we have dedicated a specific section of our dealership for you to go and finalize any additional documentation. You will even have the option to take home delivery as one of our Nissan Product Experts can deliver the car from our dealership to your driveway.
As the entire global sector has changed, we must too. This is in no way a sales pitch or a promotion. We feel this is a time to serve our community when needed. And if by any chance we are needed, it is our obligation to the members of our company and community to ensure their safety and well being comes first before we even think about selling a car.

Are There Coronavirus Discounts?

Pine Belt Nissan has the ability to structure any deal that would work best for your current situation. In fact, we are working with our lenders and deferring your payments up to 150 days to ensure your financial health is in good standing when buying or leasing your next vehicle from Pine Belt Nissan. We currently have savings of over $10,000 on some of our most popular models. If you are interested in a new or used car, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Management team will be working both at the store and remotely to ensure you are given the most accurate information on possible specials. 

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